Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Now Bing Webmaster Tools To Show Integrated Data From Yahoo!

Bing's Webmaster Tools now shows integrated data from Yahoo Traffic in some reports and areas.
The integration began on the 12th August, however, September will the first month that will see complete merger of the combined data. Justifying this amalgamation, Bing's Duane Forrester commented, "Given the combined effort the Search Alliance represents, it makes sense to showcase relevant data from both engines within a webmaster account."

The good news is, most areas and the data within your accounts itself are not going to be affected with this merger.

Following are the noticeable changes that are seen in the Traffic Tab's, Traffic summary report and Page Traffic reports:
  • Impressions- will increase as a result of showing combined impressions for the listings across both search engines
  • Clicks- will also increase because of the integration of the two data numbers
  • Click Through Rates (CTR) will also either rise or fall as a direct consequence of the above two
If you are worried if this will affect your actual ranking, rest assured as these changes will only reflect the numbers shown and not your actual rankings.


Also note that, at the moment the data is combined by default and is updated in all the markets wherein Bing powers Yahoo search.

Source: www.pagetrafficbuzz.com/bing-webmaster-tools-show-integrated-data-yahoo/10085/

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