Thursday, August 25, 2011

How To Get Links From Major Industry Associations!

External Links are one of the major contributors towards getting a better placement in the search engine results. Link Building with major industry associations will go a long way to improve search engine rankings. But more often than not, a simple link exchange program with a leading website of your niche will not work. They are already the industry leader, hence, they really don't need a link from you. So what can you do in this case? It is to understand and then implement these steps.

Why Are Authority Sites Important?

The most important thing- these authority websites are trusted by the search engines- they believe that where these sites are pointing, it is a good and relevant page. The absolute authority websites are mostly '.gov', '.edu', '.org' etc. They have gained their authority status over time and are well established and several years old. With time, they have many backlinks from other sites.
In the case of relative authority, or niche authority websites, they belong to the most important sites for a particular niche. Like maybe a trusted android forum may be an authority website for a mobile retailer.

How To Find High Authority Sites?

Well, the PageRank (above 7) can be considered in deeming a site as authority or industry major in your niche. When these come first in search results, it shows that they have great links to them, and are interlinked-also they're well-known names (trusted and not spammy). Here is how you can find them:
In a country specific Google home page- a search for "www" displays the local authorities. Like in the screen shot, you can type in '.gov' and get a list of authority government sites.

How To Get Links From Authority Sites

For sites in your niche, you can do a search like- “Big companies in health care, electronics etc” “popular news sites and media houses” “top universities”, “top government agencies, and charity”. See the screen shot for better understanding.

How To Get Links From Authority Sites

If your linking campaign needs more, then you can link to sites that have been linked to by the authority sites- and then you can link to these second tier sites. For this you can use the Bing operator "" to find out what sites is the niche authority site linked to.
The more authoritative your domain is, the more damage it can sustain
How To Get Links From Authority Sites

How To Get Links From Industry Majors?

If you have a link from a government site or an educational site, your site's weight increases considerably for the search engines. Even with the leading sites of your niche linking to you, your domain will gain credibility. But these sites have offers to link to a hundred sites, why should they do that  with you? To ensure linking from industry majors, follow the strategic steps below-

Offering Them An Affiliate Program:

Yes, you have to part with your money here. To gain a link, you will have to pitch in some cash. However, this will be small investment, seeing the amount of traffic and higher ranking you will get on linking with the authority site. As a part of your strategy to get links from the biggest names in your niche, you can offer them an affiliate program that pays the company a percentage of any sales resulting from the link. Government sites, military websites, News sites and educational institution & universities, are of high authority. So, if it seems possible, you can choose from the numerous affiliate programs and services on the market to offer these websites.

Now, some may take up the offer, but some, including esteemed publications, may not take a share in the sales, as it goes against their image of unbiased reporting. There are ways around such non-profit modules too. You can provide the sites with yearly dues etc., and in return get those precious links.

Offering Discounts To Their Users:
This strategy could work. If you approach an authority site in your niche, like-Bloomberg News, if you are an online retailer, and offer their members or readers a discount on your products. Moreover you can also pitch them the idea of creating a special web page on your site for their members/readers only, that will feature special discounts. So, in exchange of the link to your site,  you'll provide this discount for free. Authority sites or organizations may take this offer, as it will put them in a positive light for being so concerned in bringing down their employees' expenses by offering them discounts.
If this also doesn't work, then you may go further by offering them a share of the profits in addition to the customer discounts. The industry major will like it if you offer it or its users some kind of 'exclusive' bonus or benefit that they can pass on to their customers.

Write Content For Them:
One of the best ways to get them to link to you is- great and unique content. When writing the content for the authority site, make sure that is is well written and original- only then will they will publish it. Send them the piece for free and get a link to your domain from somewhere in the write up. A link in the reference box always helps. Apart from articles, writing tutorials for them will also work. Tutorials- as in how to do a thing- is something that these sites appreciate and so do the users. So write an understandable tutorial and garner authority links. See in this screen shot of how the has linked to interesting articles on prescription drugs.


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