Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Google Page Speed Online Comes Out Of Labs!

The wait is over as the Google Page Speed Online has finally come out in the open from the Google Labs. Now. You can get to know the speed of your site, by dropping it on the search bar given right at the center of the tool page.

Online Page Speed

Google Page Speed is an online tool that will let you know the load speed of your site on a scale of 1 to 100. That's not all, it will also give you suggestions about what needs to be done to improve the page loading speed.

As Google says, “Page Speed Online analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster. Reducing page load times can reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates.”

Why The Need Of Fast Loading Sites?

Site load time is one of the major factors in reducing visitor's bounce back rates. It is an essential part of the entire user experience of your site, and a slow site leads to poor user experience. So, probably Google wants you to speed things up in the interest of the users!

Try out the online tool, drop your URL in the box and see the results for your site. Make the changes and ensure better user experience. How did you find the tool, do share your views.


Now Listings Being Updated Automatically In Google Places!

If your business is on Google Places, then the address and related information will be updated automatically with the information that Google will gather from users and “third parties/trusted sources.” This was announced by Google on the LatLong Blog recently and it stated that the update will be done automatically if they think that the information is more accurate and up to date than the Places Dashboard.

Google says,  

We’re introducing a new process that helps streamline the way updates are made to potentially outdated or incorrect business listings. Previously, verified business listings would always reflect the information provided by its owner – even if we received data about an updated name, address, or hours of operation. But now, if a user provides new information about a business they know – or if our system identifies information from another source on the web that may be more recent than the data the business owner provided via Google Places – the organic listing will automatically be updated and the business owner will be sent an email notification about the change.

Google has added that business owners can always log in to their Google Places account and make further edits, if the information provided in incorrect or incomplete. Also these updates will have no effect whatsoever on the online ads from business owners using AdWords or AdWords Express programs.

Google Places - New

Why Was This Needed?

There was massive outrage globally when Google allowed users to update the information about a business listed on Google Place. This was a green signal for spammers, disgruntled customers or vengeful ex-employees to list the business as “closed”. Google was at the receiving end of quite some flak for this. However, it announced that it is working on a solution. And now has come up with the automatic update plan.

But Why Automatic Updates?

Google says that they cannot rely on business owners to continuously update their Google Places listing. That is why they use a network of other sources like partners, users and other authoritative sources to verify the details about a business, and if they deem fit, they update the details automatically. As Google says, "We recognize that amidst all the work that goes into running a successful enterprise, remembering to update their Google Places account may not always be top of mind. Oftentimes, a neighborhood local or a loyal customer is eager to help their favorite business update its online presence."

Are The Businesses Still Safe?

This question remains unanswered as, it is quite a possibility that the "trusted external sources" can be easily manipulated. Incorrect data about the business can still be implemented, leading to inaccurate details be updated automatically. However, if this can actually happen remains to be seen.
What do you think? Do leave your comments.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Now Get Real Time Reports With Google Analytics!

Google Analytics
To begin with, Google Analytics will have a new look next week. Secondly, it will have a new set of reports called "Real Time." This was just announced by Google and the reports will be under the 'Dashboard' tab and will show you what’s happening on your site as it happens!

What Will The Real Time Reports Show?
According to Google, the Analytics Real Time will tell you-
  • Number of Visits per minute
  • Number of active visitors on the site per minute
  • The Location of visitors
  • Sources sending the traffic
  • The Keywords that brought the visitors
The real time reports will have a lot to tell big websites or even blogs, as they see a lot of activity.

How Will The Real Time Reports Help You?
You can use these real time reports to-
  • Measure social media impact: You can get an immediate insight into how your social media campaign is going. As Google said, “Whenever we put out a new blog post, we also send out a tweet. With Real-Time, I can see the immediate impact to my site traffic. For example, last week we posted about the latest episode of Web Analytics TV and also tweeted about the post. By campaign tagging the links we shared, we could see how much traffic each channel is driving to the blog as it happened. We could also see when we stopped receiving visits from the tweet, which helps know when to reengage.
  • Ad Campaign measurement: You can also use Real-Time to ensure that the campaign tracking is implemented in the right manner, just prior to launching a campaign. Real-Time reports tell you within minutes if the data you are getting in Google Analytics is actually what you want. This will let you verify the effectiveness of the ad, while rolling out your campaign.
These Real-Time reports are available in the new Analytics and are in the Dashboards tab. The Dashboard will soon be moved to the Home tab (remember the new interface being launched next week?). Google has also made it clear that Real-Time does not support profile filters.

When Will Real Time Be Out And Pick Up Speed:
According to Google, it is a one to two weeks wait before the complete roll out of Real Time reports. For those who want to sign up now can do it here.