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20 Free Best Press Release Distribution Sites!

We write press release to disclose and spread a news amongst readers. Press releases are becoming a successful way of Internet advertising. These not only provide valuable inbound links, but also increases traffic and thus your chances of getting located by search engines. But, all your efforts will get waste if the press release is not newsworthy or if it is distributed via a non-credible PR distribution site. There are only a few PR services providers who can provide you maximum visibility and credibility on the Internet. Follow these guidelines while choosing a press release distribution site:
  • You should use a site that has a Google pagerank of 4 and above because sites with no pagerank will lower the credibility of the PR.
  • Approach a site that allows you to optimize the press release for search engines by using header tags, tagging, anchor text and other SEO techniques.
  • Keep away from sites that use NoFollow tags. These tags are inserted into website code in order to stop the search engine from finding the site.
So, here are a few press release sites that provide both free and paid distribution services. The list will help you in finding a reliable PR distribution service provider who will get you maximum visibility on the World Wide Web.
  1. – Pagerank 5 / Alexa 16,551- It is an ordinary and functional looking site but results are good. It gives free distribution service for Google News and other search engines. Inbound links are allowed and the site is also properly optimized for search engines. You can schedule the press release.
  2. – Pagerank 5/ Alexa 3,547 – Good Alexa ranking makes this not so good looking site really good. The best part of using it is that you can place banners on the press release that will point to your website. The paid service offered by this website has better ranking and many SEO benefits.
  3. – Pagerank 5 / Alexa 42,088 – This service distribution site is based in Germany. It provides free submission and distribution along with SEO benefits.
  4. – Pagerank 5 / Alexa 27,482 – The domain name is superb but you can say the services are not so appealing. The site has one free basic service and two paid services of $199 and $499. You can give full company profile by taking paid option.
  5. – Pagerank 5 / Alexa 51,449 – The design of website is not good and you will difficulty in navigation also. It offers common free distribution tools and the premium service will enable you to give logo, product picture and insert other features in the press release.
  6. – Pagerank 4 / Alexa 107,600 – This site has low traffic but it is really good for e-commerce related press releases. You can add three keywords, image and pass a link with the anchor text.
  7. – Pagerank 5/ Alexa 58,760 – The site has good page rank and also gets good traffic. Active links are allowed. If you opt for their paid service, the placement will be better and you will get features like image galleries & permanent archiving.
  8. – Pagerank 4 / Alexa 66,727 – The site gets good traffic. There is a limited list of features for free PR distribution. There is no point in spending additional money to get paid service.
  9. – Pagerank 4 / Alexa 17,995 – The only reason for which you can use this site is that it is one of the few PR distribution sites that are focused on Europe.
  10. – Pagerank 3 / Alexa 69,619 – You get free PR distribution option to sites and search engines. If you opt for premium membership, the only difference is that you can add graphics on the PR.
  11. – Pagerank 4 / Alexa 46,460 – This free press release submission site provides limited distribution service. Active links are allowed.
  12. – Pagerank 3 / Alexa 56,516 – It is a clean looking site and the increasing traffic level will increase the pagerank soon. You can do PR submission and distribution, include one link with the anchor text while availing free service. The paid service enables you to give three links, permanent archiving and has many more features.
  13. – Pagerank 4 / Alexa 64,691- You will get free distribution service in plain formatted releases. If yo want HTML-coded release, go for paid option.
  14. – Pagerank 5/ 49,687 – It is more of a online news journal that also provides press release distribution service.
  15. – Pagerank 3/ Alexa 80,402 – You will surely get some useful advice on writing press releases. This site is good looking and poor Alexa rank.
  16. – Pagerank 3 / Alexa 389,117 – If you want a press release distribution site where you can get on the front page and under the category of your choice, go for this one.
Paid Press Release Distribution Sites
  1. – Pagerank 8 / Alexa 16,730 – It is mostly used by bigger companies to meet SEC full disclosure requirement. Prices are not disclosed and can be known via application.
  2. – Pagerank 8/ Alexa 9,822 – This site has a good reputation when it comes to distributing local news in a single region. The prices for service start at $80 and go up to $360, depending on the visibility you want to get.
  3. – Pagerank 8 / Alexa 7,508 – This not so good looking site is used by many journalists. The annual subscription price is $195 and you will have to pay additional price for more exposure.
  4. – Pagerank 6 / Alexa 55,935 – The site is said to deliver reasonable results. It is nice and clean. The price of press release starts from $49 – $149, depending on the level of service you have opted for. The distribution is done on search engines, RSS feeds and newswires.
Getting media coverage is the best form of marketing, but you need to make efforts to get good coverage. Choose the press release distribution site carefully, especially when you are paying for the service.


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