Monday, September 19, 2011

New Designs For Yahoo’s Search Results Pages!

In a fresh attempt to better the Yahoo! Search experience by presenting the most relevant content in an organized manner, Yahoo has introduced newer designs for search results pages. According to Yahoo,“ We have been working to unify the search experiences across web, multimedia, and vertical search results pages with a design that is clean and intuitive.” 

And now they have implemented the the latest design changes across the search results pages. The changes are visible on web-image-videos-news-blogs, finance and sports search results pages. The main features of the pages are:
  1. Clean Look- the look is clean and simple. So that you can easily find what you are looking for and not be distracted or confused.
  2. Automatic Tabs- The pages now have easily accessible tabs that appear right below the Search box to provide the searcher with the relevant and specialized content they are searching for. 
  3. Filters- There are filters on the left side of the results will help you sort results by time and related searches.
How The New Search Works:
These tabs are work on the basis of your query. So that you have an enhanced vertical search experience.  See the search results for Page Traffic Buzz for example:

Yahoo Search Page for PageTraffic Buzz

The searches performed on the news search page will also include filters on the left for news sources, and the related videos to the search will be shown on the right side of the results.
The image search page has also got a facelift. This is how it will be different now:
  • Facebook results will rule the roost. As the images from fan pages and public profiles will be displayed prominently.
  • You will get the latest of pictures, that will be taken from even more Yahoo! content
  • You will benefit from the better recommendations at the end of galleries
Below is an example of the Image search results page for the “Search Engine Optimization” query. This brings you the most relevant pictures on top and also gives an indication as to how long ago each was published. On the left hand side, you can see the Facebook option displayed prominently.

On the video search page, the search results for search engine optimization show videos from across various Yahoo! Properties. This is in addition in addition to the top web videos.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Google Releases The AdWords Editor Version 9.5 For Windows And Mac!

Google has announced the release of version 9.5 of its free desktop software for managing AdWords campaigns. This new version “supports Campaign Experiments, Location Extensions, and plenty of other features to boost your productivity while managing your AdWords campaigns.”

Campaign Experiment:
With the new 9.5 version users can now better administer their campaign experiments on the AdWords Editor. It also lets you apply and edit your experiment status, to a default maximum CPC or a maximum CPC bid multiplier. Also you can now both import and export these alternatives to be uploaded in CVS and XML.

Location Extensions:
This new version supports both the new and existing location extensions. You will now be able to create new location extensions for any address, modify the existing locations and also download or uploads data in CSV and XML manually.

Background Download:
An additional modification that ought to be a timesaver is the ability to download several of your large accounts in the background whilst you are working an another account.
Additionally, Google has also “improved revert functionality and streamlined Add Multiple Items workflow.”
Apart from the above major changes, for the full list of changes, check out Google’s release notes.
So, the next time you log into your AdWords Editor account you will be prompted to download this new version. You can now also download this 9.5 version from the Editor web site