Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Larry Page Reveals His Plans for the Company in – Google 2012 Update!

Google CEO Larry Page has entered the second year of heading the search engine giant and threw light on his plans for the company’s future in his address- Google 2012 Update.

The 2012 Update from the CEO report states that the company would work on their agenda of integrating search with other Google products while making search simpler. Larry Page, the company’s co-founder revealed that Google aims to bring all the platforms (especially Google+) together so that everything is seamlessly joined for people to easily switch between services and do stuff without having to move to other sites. As Page is quoted, “That means making our products work together seamlessly. People should not have to navigate Google to get stuff done. It should just happen.”

Larry also spoke of ‘Next generation search’ where he emphasized on the ways people need to be enabled to find the exact thing they are looking for. Page hopes to deliver better with Google+ as it understands people and connections better. He said, “So when I search for Ben Smith, I get the real Ben Smith (for me), right there in my search box, complete with his picture. Previously, the search box would just have had the series of letters I had typed, with no real understanding that I was looking for a unique person. This is a huge and important change, and there’s a ton more work to do.  But this kind of next-generation search in which Google understands real-world entities – things, not strings – will help improve our results in exciting new ways. It’s about building genuine knowledge into our search engine.”

Ever since Larry took over, Google has been focused on launching the social face- Google+. The merging of all the platforms and services offered by the search giant has been the second most important plan. Larry has been busy face-lifting many Google services and adding connections to the company's social network.
Speaking of long term goals, Larry said that they are excited by how their products have been accepted globally and now they are working with media power houses like Jay Z. He also revealed the plans to monetize media services (YouTube). Larry said, “Over time, our emerging high-usage products will likely generate significant new revenue streams for Google as well as for our partners, just as search does today. For example, we’re seeing a hugely positive revenue impact from mobile advertising, which grew to a run rate of over $2.5 billion by the third quarter of 2011—two and a half times more than at the same point in 2010.

Our goal is long-term growth in revenue and absolute profit—so we invest aggressively in future innovation while tightly managing our short-term costs.”

So YouTube will now earn money for the parent company by providing advertising returns from high levels of traffic.

Larry also spoke of his excitement for Android specifically by revealing the phenomenal success figures of the platform.

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