Thursday, March 15, 2012

Google's Search Quality Meeting on Tape for the First Time!

Google has released an uncut snippet video of an internal search quality meeting. The footage is of a meeting held on the 1st of December last year, weekly "Quality Launch Review" meetings. As Google says, “We’ve done something new and special to give you another inside look at how search works. Today we’ve published, for the first time, a video with the uncut discussion of a proposed algorithm change (in this case, an upcoming change to our spell correction system). The language can be technical, so we've included annotations to provide some context for the discussion (and have a little fun!).”

The video shows a discussion among the search team leaders on a variety of topics and data they discuss before making many of the important changes to the algorithm. What do you think of this new attempt at transparency by Google? Do share your views.

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