Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Google Introduces Search Plus Your World!

Google yesterday added a new dimension to its existing search engine by introducing, Search plus Your World. This feature will integrate personal results, mainly from Google+, into SERPs. This essentially means that information like People, Pages and Profiles will now be seen on the result pages. Lets have a closer look at the features :

Personal Results from Google+ Available in SERPs:

Google Introduces Search Plus Your World

Users now have a choice about the kind of search they are interested in. Google has a personalization toggle icon at the top right hand side of the search page, the user now has a choice of including the relevant posts and pictures of his friends on Google+ or an option of drilling down unnecessary information by viewing normal result page.

Google Introduces Search Plus Your World

Making the most of their promoting edge over Facebook and other social networking sites, search result page interestingly shows only results from Google+, leaving out Facebook and others in the cold. Google officials have cited that, term of service set by Facebook and other sites prevents them from crawling through deeper and retrieve information.

Google+ Profiles In Search:

Google tries to reason out the main idea, behind the concept of incorporating Google+ profiles in search, through a published post on their official blog. The statement reads :

Every day, there are hundreds of millions of searches for people. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the person you’re looking for. Once you do find him or her, there’s no quick way for you to actually interact. Starting today, you’ll have meaningful ways to connect with people instantly, right from the search results.

Google Introduces Search Plus Your World

As the user types in the first few alphabets of a person's name, Google now autocompletes and bring up its own results in SERPs, where Google+ profile and other web results are highlighted. Once the desired person is found, users can view all the relevant web information that Google attributes to that person, bypassing all others sharing the same name. This will also allow the signed in Google+ users to add prominent Google+ profiles to their Circle directly from SERPs.

People and Pages:

When searched for a particular topic like cricket or laptops, Google will now show prominent people who frequently discuss it on Google+. This page will appear at the right hand side of the result page, encouraging users to strike meaningful conversations through Google+ and discover communities in an easy and never done before way.

Google Introduces Search Plus Your World

New Security Level for SERPs:

Search plus Your World result pages will share the same protection level as that of Gmail via SSL encryption. This could come in as a relief for many who are worried about their Google+ profile and posts, appearing in search results, will leave them vulnerable. However this feature will not work if the user is not signed in, once you've logged onto Google and a search is made then all your search results including your own personal contents are safe.

Search plus Your World will be rolled out in next few days for logged in users searching English keywords at


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