Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bing Ousts Yahoo!, Takes The No 2 Position In December 2011-comScore Reports!

Bing is the second most popular search engine in the US (finally!), pushing Yahoo! to the third spot.

The number one position is held by Google (no surprises there) as revealed by comScore’s latest figures. At present Bing has a 15.1% market share in the United States, a gradual increase from its humble beginnings in June 2009 with an 8.4 percent market share.

Comscore Bing Yahoo

Bing is in the second position behind Google with 65.9 percent market share in December 2011, while the third place goes to Yahoo! which dropped to the third position on the US. According to comScore, here are the search engines listed by their ranks as well as market share in December 2011:
  • Google with a 65.9 percent share is comfortably on the top with an increase in the market share up from 65.4 percent in November. 12 billion of the total searches were conducted on Google.
  • Bing rose to the second spot with a .1 percent increase from November, to reach at the present 15.1% market share in the United States. 2.7 billion of the total searches were conducted on Bing.
  • Yahoo! takes the third position with a lower share of 14.5 percent as compared to the earlier 15.1 percent. 2.6 billion of the total searches were conducted on Yahoo!.
  • Ask came up 4th again at 2.9 percent market share with a total of 531 million searches.
  • AOL remained at 1.6 percent market share and powered 26.5 percent of searches.
The search numbers have also escalated in the month of December 2011 as 18.2 billion core searches were conducted in December, figure 2% more than the search numbers of November 2011.


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