Monday, July 22, 2013

YouTube Channel Stats now Appearing on Google+ Pages Dashboard

Google+ team has officially announced the addition of YouTube channel states in the Google+ Pages Dashboard. It was only a few days ago, that new Google Dashboard was introduced to make the page management simpler.

The new Dashboard will now let managers easily access their:

=> AdWords Express
=> Google Offers
=> Google+ Notifications
=> YouTube Channel Statistics

YouTube statistics will include details of total subscribers, views, new subscriptions, and minutes watched. A link to their YouTube channel account will also be provided so that managers can get detailed information.

To view YouTube channel statistics, you will have to link the Google+ Page with YouTube channel. Visit the advanced account settings, click "connect with Google+ page" and you will be given the option of creating a Google+ page with a different name or using your YouTube channel name.

While announcing the update, Pavni Diwanji also stated that more updates related to connecting more Google products with Google+ will be coming soon.


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