Friday, October 5, 2012

Google Releases Rich Snippets Guidelines!

Google has always stressed on the importance it places on rich snippets while placing a site’s page on its search results. The search engine has illustrated time and again that rich snippets that summarize the content of a page by using structured data markup have a much better shot at being placed high in search results. Moving in the same direction, Google has launched a new set of guidelines that will allow webmaster to create a structured data markup for rich snippets.

As Google said, “Once you've correctly added structured data markup to you site, rich snippets are generated algorithmically based on that markup. If the markup on a page offers an accurate description of the page's content, is up-to-date, and is visible and easily discoverable on your page and by users, our algorithms are more likely to decide to show a rich snippet in Google’s search results.”

Google Releases Rich Snippets Guidelines!
The search engine also warned that in case webmasters create spammy or incorrect snippets, the bots will filter and ignore the markup. Google also added that they may also manually disable rich snippets for a site abusing these snippets. Google will consider it spammy if a retailer has general store reviews on the page and not the specific product’s reviews. You can find more information at the Help Center.

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