Monday, July 9, 2012

Blekko Updates SEO Data with Fresher Index!

The Slashtag Search Engine-Blekko has upgraded their SEO data. This means that the crawler and indexer will now provide latest and fresher results to SEOs search for SEO data. The search engine has announced that after this update, their data will be more comprehensive too.

The search engine said that moving ahead with their motto of wanting “to enable people to see the Internet the way a search engine sees it, especially what the rest of the internet is saying about an url”, has led to them upgrading their crawler- Scoutjet.

As Blekko said, “Scoutjet updates the top ranked starting pages on the Internet around every hour, while other high quality pages are checked at least every week. The continuous updates to blekko’s SEO data include page content, meta data, duplicate text, and inbound link counts. Staying up-to-date is as much about forgetting the old as finding the new. So, we eliminate inbound links that are no longer live and duplicate content that is no longer available.”

Blekko has gained popularity among the search professionals for its effectiveness as a backlinks research tool which it offers as a part of its set of free SEO tools.

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