Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bing Search Result Pages Gets A New Look!

The Bing search results page has a whole new design. Bing’s new design goes for a de-cluttered clear look so that users can scan results easily without being distracted. The design is a result of Bing’s experiments on the same post user feedback. The clean new look aims for better search experience.

As Bing says, "We’ve tuned the site to make the entire page easier to scan, removing unnecessary distractions, and making the overall experience more predictable and useful. This refreshed design helps you do more with search – and gives us a canvas for bringing future innovation to you"

The new look is somewhat like this:
New Look Bing

And here is the old look:

Old Look Bing

As you can see, there is no left sidebar in the new look. This bar had related searches, search refinement options and search history settings. In the new look, you can find related searches in the right-sidebar and at the bottom of the results. Images, Videos, Finance and Maps have been placed in the top navigation along with login information. There is also a 5-pixel high fragment of the Bing home page image in the top margin.

Bing has also revealed that they plan to bring in further changes based on user feedback- “The new experience is more than skin-deep. You will also notice faster page-load times and improved relevance under the hood. After all, our goal is to help people spend less time searching and more time doing. And changing how we look is the next big step in doing just that.”

Do you like the ‘uncluttered’ look? Or do you think it reduces the relevancy of the page? Do share your comments.


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