Saturday, April 9, 2011

Analyze And Optimize Your Site's Speed With Google's Page Speed Online!

Google introduces Page Speed Online. It is a web-based tool in Google Labs that analyzes the performance of web pages (by analyzing its content) and then gives specific suggestions on how to make them faster.

Earlier there was Page Speed was available as browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, which needed to be downloaded and installed before you could use the Page Speed features. However, the Page Speed Online is available for all. You can use it any time you want.

How it works

At the Page Speed Online page, you enter your site's URL and click the Analyze Performance button on the right. The tool will then return a 'Summary' page, allotting a grade out of within 0-100. Below the summary are suggestions that could make your site faster.

There is also a mobile analysis and suggestions option for Page Speed Online, specifically for smartphones. This means you can also analyze and optimize your website for mobile performance. So if you are a site owner, go ahead and analyze your site's performance and make the improvements if needed, and speed it up for both desktop and mobile devices.


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